Churches for sale, baseball and July 4th

Passing by a church the other day, I see a giant “For Sale” sign on the front lawn of a church. For one, who is selling a church? Wouldn’t that be like selling God for profit? I’m pretty sure that’s a sin ha ha. But back to the original thought, who sells a church?! It got me thinking though, wouldn’t it be awesome to buy this church that’s for sale and renovate it so that it was liveable? Just think about it before you say “Alex, that’s a stupid idea”. You’d have endless seating for guests, plenty of storage space, the place is massive for parties, and my personal favourite, you can pad those pews up and put a huge screen at the alter and BAM the best fucking home theater anyone could want, and you’ve got it. Soon enough you could start charging for that shit, make a little profit. But then again, seeing that it used to be a church and all making profit inside a church is probably another sin. Fuck, we’re all gonna sin sometime, might as well make a few bucks eh?


Anyone watch baseball? I know, sometimes it can be boring but it’s not THAT bad people. No it’s not quite as exciting as say hockey or football, but it sure beats the shit out of golf, tennis, bowling and curling. Watching the Jays game a few weeks back, you see home plate every time someone comes up to bat. Next time you’re watching (if you do catch a game on TV sometime, or just want to test my theory) watch behind home plate, where the spectators sit. You see some funny, outlandish sometimes laugh your ass off hilarious stuff going on back there. Like one time, a woman was getting up almost every other pitch to go to the bathroom, grab snacks, drinks, souvenirs. This lady was finding every excuse not to watch the game. But that’s not even the funniest. During a Jays-Washington game, there were 2 average guys sitting left of home plate and they were dressed in full umpire outfits and acting like they could call shots, fake throwing new balls out and even flirting with other fans. They looked ridiculous but damnit all, they were funny!


What is that guy holding, a radar gun? I’m pretty sure the MLB has someone else doing that, it’s there job.

I have a few pairs of board shorts, which is pretty much for surfing or wearing if you don’t surf lol. What I dislike most about these shorts is that they always only have one pocket. Sometimes the pocket is in the side, but most of the time that thing is right under your ass cheek. It’s not that big and you can’t fit a whole lot in there. So whenever I wear them I only take my essentials. Wallet, keys and phone. Ever had anyone dial you by accident and not know they’ve dialed you? These shorts when I sit will do not only that, but with my ass. I’ve ass dialed people, been on the line and then they hung up. I’ll get a call back and wonder “why are you calling me, what’s up?” only to discover after their story that it’s happened once again. It does it in some pockets of mine too, but it’s almost always guaranteed to happen in the shorts. I’ve had someone dial me when it was in their breast pocket, that was rather interesting though ha ha.


What I need to get me is one of these protective “Cell phone boxes”, but really who wants that?


The other day was July the 4th, and honestly who the fuck cares? I’m Canadian. . Americans are always trying to outdo us Canadian neighbours. Bigger wars, bigger guns, bringing fairs up to our community centers on their independence day. Fucking jerks! But really, I did more on July 4th then I did on Canada day. I went to a sprinkler park, community fair and got a wicked burn. Canada day was awesome though too, it just seems I did more on July 4th. The only thing missing on July 4th that I had Canada day that I would have liked again, a nice medium rare steak. Kill me a cow and make it quick. I definitely could have done without the burn though.


Being someone who wears glasses, I’ve got to deal with the day to day things people with glasses deal with. What those things are, I have no fucking clue cause literally as long as you put your glasses on in the morning, there’s nothing else to it. But something struck me as funny the other day, so I pose a question. Do you think if you fall asleep with your glasses on, your dreams are more in focus? I’m not serious here, but it’d be funny to know if it truly makes a difference.


RANDOM BONUS: High or not, you decide!


Dora and Boots looked conked out of their minds. I think they took more then just a “trip”. Wonder what else is in that backpack.


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