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Winnipeg Nazis, the Canadian Mint and old people

Posted in Uncategorized on June 9, 2009 by humourgod87

So I’m listening to the radio the other week (yes, I know who the fuck listens to the radio anymore?!), and I hear this crazy ridiculous story that I’m thinking “what the fuck is this about? That’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard”. So here’s the gist of the story: A mother and step-father in Winnipeg drew swastikas and other Nazi symbols on their daughters skin to send a message to the school. What the FUCK?! What kind of message is that sending to the school, “we’re white supremacists and we hate Jews”?. But no, it doesn’t end there. Apparently the daughter had also been missing several weeks of school because she didn’t want to sit next to a “non-white” boy (there words, not mine people). When your racist beliefs and judgement rub off onto your kids, you need to fucking stop! It’s good to note this story has a somewhat “happy ending”. The girl was taken out of the home from Winnipeg F&CS, stating the girl was not given adequate care. Last note to notice, the parents had problems related to drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and mental health issues. Fucking Nazi Winnipegers!


Here’s a link if anyone wants to check out the full story:

So I’m relaxing the other day when something funny occurs to me. People know that all our money comes from The Canadian Mint. And people get paid by working. Hopefully everyone is still following. This is where it gets funny. The workers who work at The Canadian Mint are getting paid from the product they make. I really hope I’m not the only one to find this funny. Could you imagine working somewhere and getting paid with the product your making?

Person 1: “I love where I work. I get paid in product.”

Person 2: “Oh really, that sounds cool. Where do you work?”

Person 1: “Fabricland.”

Person 2: “Oh. Yeah, thats not so cool then.”

Still, I bet those employees at The Canadian Mint make a pretty penny from there jobs (pun intended).


Staying on the Canadian Mint topic, they’ve reported last week that there is a possibility that they have lost several thousand pounds of gold. They are not sure if it a difference in their records or if it truly is missing. What?! How could so much gold be reported as missing and they don’t even know if it’s really even gone. First thing, look for any suspicious employees. If you see someone who looks like they’re smuggling out 30 pound lunchboxes everyday, watch that mother fucker closely. Or secondly, if anyone happens to get change one day and they find a gold nickel, something ain’t right. Either way, something with security as tight as The Canadian Mint, and this still happens. Either get your records in check, or get someone who will. Gold nickels would be pretty cool to see though. They’d be collector’s items.


Old people. Everyone’s got Grandma’s and Grandpa’s (hopefully at least. If you don’t then I’m sorry but don’t worry I’m not about to shit slam granny here). Some old people can be so bitter and some old people are the funniest people you will ever talk to. Passing by this elderly woman taking the dogs for a walk, she stops, chit chats and then offers to go get them some cookies. I’m thinking “wow this old lady is pretty sociable and getting around pretty well for her age” and then think “Alex, that was rude to think, she’s doing just fine” ha ha. At which point my mom walking the other dog blurts out “What’s taking her so long?”. Holy shit, like come on here, she’s nice enough to go get them cookies, and she’s like a little elf. Let’s give her 5 minutes here. She came back, cookies by the pound and then told us she’d see us again soon with more. Old people, gotta love ’em.


RANDOM BONUS: What is that?!


What the hell is an occasional teacher? Someone who feels like not coming in Mondays, only working Tuesday through Thursday and taking Friday off so they can have a long weekend? Ha ha.